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  • Sarah MacDonald

    "Lou is one of the most reliable, creative and hardworking people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. At Fiksu, Lou and I were both on the marketing team and had the opportunity to regularly collaborate on projects ranging from speaking decks to multi-story trade show booth designs. He consistently made Fiksu look good (literally) on these and many other projects under what were often unreasonably tight deadlines. Not to mention he did all this while being an absolute delight to work with!"
    - Sarah MacDonald, Senior Manager, International Marketing Programs at Fiksu

  • Craig Palli

    "Collaborative, creative and all around great guy! It has been a fantastic experience working with Lou on projects including brand development, websites, ebooks, ad units, UIs and much more. Lou brings tremendous passion to every project and is a pleasure to work with. "
    - Craig Palli, Chief Strategy Officer at Fiksu

  • Tom Nielsen

    “Lou is a top-notch Art Director. He can do it all. Web, print, interface/interaction design, video, team management, you name it. In addition to being extremely creative, he is self-sufficient, responsible, detail oriented and has a wonderful can-do attitude. It was an absolute pleasure working with Lou. I would highly recommend him.”
    - Tom Nielsen, Director of Creative Services at CIDC

  • Matthew Kane

    "Lou was invaluable component to both my personal success at Fiksu and the company as a whole. As I was a member of the editorial team and Lou a member of the creative team, we often collaborated to bring life a whole host of marketing initiatives – ebooks, whitepapers, webpages, infographics – you name it. Wherever copy needed design, Lou and I were working together.

    I could always count on Lou for creative guidance. Without fail, he would translate my copy into a compelling final product that pushed Fiksu’s messaging further than anyone could have managed without him. He was dedicated, hard-working, deadline-oriented, and talented; possessing a keen eye for design. Oh, and ya, he was an absolute pleasure to work with!"

    - Matthew Kane, Content Marketing Manager at Fiksu
  • Etienne Leroy

    “Lou is a very powerful asset for the CIDC. He is extremely dedicated and committed to his role, he is hand on and can achieve a huge amount of work. Lou is both a brilliant designer as well as a very good people manager..."
    - Etienne Leroy, Director of Online Casino at Everest Gaming

  • Bethany OMeara McKie

    "Lou is an excellent, effective manager, in addition to being a good humored, supportive colleague. Under his direction, the creative team functions as a cohesive unit, giving us the support we need to exceed our goals. He delivers criticism thoughtfully, inspiring us to push our creative limits with every subsequent project; he warmly offers praise when it's well-deserved. Working with Lou is truly a pleasure!"
    - Bethany OMeara, Copywriter at CIDC

  • Angelo DeFrancesco

    " his role of managing a Creative team, he has shown the ability to extract the most out of his team through effective leadership and efficient delegation. Lou has demonstrated the ability to lead by example, establishing best practices that are contagious to those that work with him. Despite the fluctuations in resources over time, Lou has not only provided stability to the Creative Services function within our organization, but spearheaded the evolution of a team that is vital to the success of our business.”
    - Angelo DeFrancesco, Casino Product Manager, CIDC - Everest Gaming